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What gives this book credibility is the fact that the author lives by every word that he preaches here. He is a preacher not only because of his baptism, but because he is a genuine and tireless man of prayer. He is considered a king because of his unselfishness and constant service to the community, the Church and to humanity. This is a service that he performs with joy, having offered his celibacy to God as part of his commitment to this service. Moyses is a prophet, a bold, ardent ,creative evangelist that has the authority to say what he says about Jesus, Priest, Prophet and King. He manifests Himself in us, baptized and in them priests, prophets and kings.I pray to God that this is a first of many books, because we, his spiritual children and thousands of others are thirsty for the wisdom that God has filled his heart with the wisdom that is clearly visible in his life.One cannot read this book and not be touched by it. It compels us to give an answer to Jesus Priest, Prophet and King: "Here I am, Father, to do your will!" So be it!

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