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This book will present you the tip of the ice-berg, hiding the immense grace of Praise “in Shalom way”, given to our founder by God, to be lived and also preached and written and above all followed by us.What is praise in Shalom Spirituality? What is praise in the Founder's spirit? How did praise influence in our history? What differences does it make nowadays? How praise can and must change our lives?How can we be disciples of the praising that filled the hearts of the disciples in John 20: 19-31? How can we refresh our vocation with praising? How can we be disciples of so many moments of praising in the history of our community and in the daily life of our founder? How can we become ministers of this praise in this secularized and hopeless world we live in?At the end of this book you will find an index card that will help you to answer these questions as well as to understand what kind of praising we are called to live. Don't wait until you finish reading to answer the index card. You should answer it while you are reading this book. That will help you to be astonished with the wonderful vocation the Lord gave us.God help us to contemplate and live this secret.

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